16 Best Cat Repellents and Deterrents

Cats are adorable, fluffy, and sometimes, infuriating. Your feline friend can be exciting to have around, but when their clawing and jumping starts to become super noticeable on your furniture, garden, flowers, counters, or home, you might begin to wonder just how the heck to stop it.

The best cat repellents and deterrents are non-toxic, don’t have to be applied directly to the cat, and help to change the animal’s behavior. Products such as Amtek Scraminal and PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent are examples of some of the best products that fit this criterion.

Since cats have great jumping/climbing abilities and an extremely natural (yet sometimes annoying) knack for chewing and clawing objects, it can be challenging to keep them away from specific areas. This is where our fine selection of cat repellents and deterrents come in handy!

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Amtek Scraminal

OK. This is pretty cool.

The Amtek Scraminal is designed to humanely keep cats out of certain rooms for the safety of your furniture, carpets, and padded pillows.

The Scraminal is engineered to use heat and motion sensors to detect pets as they enter designated areas. It could be the countertops, behind the curtains, on the carpets, or somewhere along the wall.

By using it’s built-in motion sensors, Scraminal will emit a series of short, high-pitched beeps to repel and train the cat to stay away. The gadget automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion. 

It covers a large area whereby it detects a cat up to fifteen feet away. It can adequately cover a 10 x 3 in space. For more efficacy, position it for spot coverages of plants, rooms, furniture, drapery, or carpets.

Apart from covering various rooms, the Amtek Scraminal can also avert danger. For instance, you may have have some ant or rat traps present in your home.

Of course, you don’t want your cat to come near the trap, so by placing Scraminal near it, you’ll be able to deter them from the scene. You can also place Amtek Scraminal in other areas like appliances, machinery, stoves, balconies, or open entryways. You get it, anywhere your feline friend SHOULDN’T be.

Now, there is a caveat.

This thing is LOUD. It’ll probably startle you once you first hear it. Nevertheless, use your best judgement on where you think you should place it.

If you’re placing it outside and have neighbors, it may not be the best product for you, but we like this because you don’t have to worry about any extra sprays, essential oils, or reapplying repellents.

The only goal here is to startle the heck out of your cat so they stay of your furniture, counters and wherever 🙂

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent 

Pets are friendly and warm to have them around. Hence, training them humanely is imperative.

Petsafe SSSCAT is an automated, non-toxic pet deterrent that uses spray to set boundaries at home. The fully adjustable nozzle uses a motion detector to sense when the cat is approaching prohibited zones. It then emits harmless spray to discourage pets from entering designated places.

We like this product because the spray itself is claimed to be harmless and orderless and the motion sensor only requires 4 AAA batteries to function!

Each can has approximately 80-100 sprays. Replacement cans are easy to replace, subscribe, and save. The unscented spray is formulated to surprise pets away from off-limit places. The environmental-conscience formula has zero ozone depletion. 

The product is compatible with booth SSSCAT motion detector units PDTOO-13914 and PPDOO-16168. When replacing it, ensure you switch it off, place the motion detector on top of the spray, and firmly slide down the locking. Ensure it clicks into place for it to work effectively.  

Although it’s harmless and eco-friendly, follow some precaution guidelines. The product should not be inhaled deliberately and you’ll want to keep away from plants or birds. 

This product is only suitable for indoor use and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. For secure storage, keep it under 113 degrees F. Since it’s highly flammable as with any aerosol, stay away from open flames and use the product under well-ventilated places.

Pet MasterMind Cat Spray

You can now be happy with your furry friends as Pet MasterMind Cat Spray is formulated to guarantee 100% effectiveness. The goal of this spray is simple: to stops the desire of your cats from clawing and scratching on your furniture at home.

AKA: to change their behavior.

This unique solution creates an invisible liquid shield with potent, ultra-protective properties to make cats reconsider clawing their way through your cozy belongings. 

Pet MasterMind’s spray is a non-staining formula for your furniture and pets and claims to be plant-based and gentle. The formulation claims to be effective with the majority of cats to protect your valuable furniture and keep your furry pets away from the places you don’t want them.

To use Pet MasterMind Cat Spray, you simply spray the product on fabrics and surfaces you want to protect from your cat. DO NOT spray the product directly on your cat or pet.

The product is made with a base of deionized, pure water, and an herbal blend of rosemary and astragalus. The formula is strong but claims to be safe for your cat with proper application.

Ensure you use it daily to break the scratching habits of your feline friend!

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

So you might be thinking “ummm… this is a cat scratching post, not a repellent?”

Well, stay with me here.

Your cat has problems scratching your furniture. So, let’s give your pet somewhere to scratch! The best recommendation would be to pair this SmartCat Scratching Post with one of these other highly regarded deterrents on the list, which will even more so encourage your pet to come use this scratching post.

Basically, you’ll retrain their whole way of thinking.

Better yet, if you get a deterrent spray, once you run out, you may have already been able to rewire your cats thought process to where they’ll LOVE this scratching post, and don’t want to scratch or claw anywhere else!

Furniture Defender Cat Scratch Deterrent

This one is SPECIFICALLY for your furniture or anything with a corner that your cat is clawing.

This physical deterrent is one of the more foolproof methods on the market. That’s because it allows you to put a physical guard on your furniture to prevent scratching from your cat.

Basically, Furniture Defenders Cat Scratch Deterrent is a thing of beauty. By using a high quality and extremely flexible variation of vinyl, Furniture Defender is able to bend and stay on almost and piece and angle of padded furnature in your home.

It comes in five different bendable sizes to fit your specific needs. To use, simply bend and twist the vinyl into any piece of furniture that you can stick a pin into. Then, evenly line up the product and push the pins into your furniture.

Note: since this is a pinned product, you can’t use it on wood, unfortunately.

Mighty Petz Cat Repellent Spray

Help your cat to be your sweet, cute little kitty and not a clawing tiger.

Although scratching is the norm for cats, train your feline friend to keep off ALL your furnishings. Introduce Mighty Petz Cat Repellent Spray to your cat’s training routine to deter it from scratching and clawing your off-limits belongings.

Cats scratch for various reasons, including removing the dead outer layer of the claws, marking new territories, flexing their feet, or stretching their bodies. Scratching is their nature, so it provides appropriate scratching toys as you use the spray for the training routine.

The spray will help you stop worrying about your little kitty clawing your favorite piece of furniture or even allow you to spray on houseplants!

The Mighty Petz Cat Repellent Spray is designed using six unique, natural ingredients, including vanilla, rosemary, and cinnamon extracts. The spray contains no chemical agents for extra safety and is claimed to be non-toxic by the manufacturer.

Might Petz repellent spray is claimed to be safe for both indoor and outdoor use. You can apply it on various surfaces such as microfiber, carpet, wood, marble, corkboard, houseplants, outdoor flowers, leather, among many others. It’s a pet, gentle couch protector with effective results.

Nature’s Miracles No-Scratch Cat Deterrent Spray

Nature’s Miracle works tirelessly to ensure you get the best, effective, and safe pet solutions. If you’re looking forward to a high-quality deterrent spray without breaking your bank, Nature’s Miracles No-Scratch Cat Deterrent Spray is the ultimate solution. 

If you don’t like covering your couch and other furniture pieces against scratching, this deterrent spray will work wonders. 

The spray is infused with harmless ingredients such as cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass, water, and sodium benzoate. The smell is refreshing for humans but irritating for the feline family. The 8-ounce spray is only ideal for cats.

It’s safe to spray on most furniture. Just to be extra cautious, test it on a small area before applying to check for colorfastness. It also works on any surface applied to. First, apply and monitor the cat’s reaction. If you see her sniff and avoid the sprayed area, then it’s a good sign that it works. 

The lemongrass, rosemary, and cinnamon leave your house with essential oils scent. It might also deter kittens from plants, but don’t spray it directly on plants. Instead, apply it around the plants or their containers.

It’s a long-lasting formula that will last for a few days. However, your usage and how often you reapply will depend on your cats’ behavior. For a start, apply it every day. Once the pet’s behavior improves, you may use it less often.

Also, once you apply the product, ensure it dry completely to avoid spreading the smell to places you don’t want. 

Emmy’s Best Stop Deterrent Spray for Cats

Securing the best cat repellent and deterrent spray will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry anymore about redecorated cozy seats and destroyed flowers in your garden.

With the Emmy’s Best Stop Deterrent Spray for Cats, your pet will keep off prohibited areas. The exclusive formula uses naturally derived ingredients such as lemongrass and rosemary oil to deter caters from loitering any area of your home and better yet, claims to be non-toxic by the manufacturer.

Cats and other pets mostly rely on their smelling sense to determine where to hand out or establish a territory.

They’ll hate Emmy’s Best formula, but it will be refreshing and pleasant to your nose. The non-toxic spray is safe for any area in your home, including doorways, flooring, drapes, plants, and furniture.

The pleasant rosemary fragrance dissipates after use, and most clients find the smell quite calming. 

Emmy’s Best Stop Deterrent Spray for Cats is an effective and easy-to-use deterrent spray. You’re recommended to apply at least 3-4 times a day for the first two weeks and lessens frequency as the cat learns their new behavior. Each order contains an 8-ounce bottle that comes at a competitive price.

However, there are some thoughts that this product MAY leave a residue on certain areas when applied. Make sure to test this thoroughly before you apply generously.

Petlinks Scratch Deterrent Training Spray

Although scratching is normal behavior, it doesn’t mean your cat should redecorate and destroy your furniture. Next up to the plate, Petlinks Scratch Deterrent Training Spray.

The spray is the perfect antinode for those sweet little daggers that claw on your curtains, beddings, carpet, and seats. However, be cautious when using the spray since it might be harsh on some surfaces such as wallpaper, microfiber, leather, microsuede, and painted surfaces.

Always test a small section before applying.

Different cats will have different reactions. Therefore, apply to the prohibited areas and watch the reaction of your pet. Reapply the spray as often as needed for effectiveness and clean smell.

The 15.5 ounces bottle can be used for a long time. It also strikes a balance between efficacy and affordability.

Cat Guard Pro PET Safe-Furniture Cat Repellent

Cats will destroy window blinds, furniture, books, wires; you name it. So your main goal should be to tame your pet and correct the behavior. Here’s where Cat Guard Pro PET Safe-Furniture Cat Repellent comes in.

It’s typical for cats’ family to scratch, but you need this spray to discourage destructive behavior. The proprietary formula claims to be non-toxic. Apart from using the product, you can provide alternative help by trimming the cats’ nails and utilizing a scratching post (like the one we mentioned above.)

People resolve to various solutions that might be harmful to cats. That’s why it’s advisable to use gentle but effective methods to discourage grating behaviors.

Better yet, this product is available in lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and the original scent. This gives you a chance to pick a product that suits your nose’s needs, too! 

It’s an affordable product that is easy to use, thanks to the given directions for use. Ensure you shake it well before application.

For effective results, spray Cat Guard Pro PET Safe-Furniture Cat repellent on areas or objects where cats frequently scratch. For the first week or few days, apply it twice a day. Once the cat starts changing behavior, use it once a day. Consistency is key.

Harbor’s Cat Repellent Spray

Harbor’s is a USA based manufacturing company dedicated to producing great pet supplies, and Harbor’s Cat Repellent Spray is no exception. Training a pet to stay away from furniture seems to be a hurdle for most people. But don’t worry, a good repellent and deterrent spray will do the trick. 

Harbor’s product enables you to correct the feline friend’s infuriating behaviors in the most humane way. The pleasant citrus smell for you will be awful for the cat. Over time, the scent will create a no-go and no-scratch area for the pet.

When it comes to pet sprays, you need to be cautious. Safety for you and your cat is imperative. Luckily, the Harbor’s Cat Repellent Spray is designed with you in mind. The exclusive and effective formula uses naturally derived and safe ingredients such as lavender oils, lemon, and orange. No imported, harmful chemicals to hurt your cat. It’s made to the highest standards with vegan and animal cruelty-free production. It comes in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

The spray is well-formulated to be used on various surfaces and items. Use it on furniture, countertops, holiday decorations, computer cables, and other places. This will help you to stop using sticky and messy products that will destroy your valuables.

Apply the product three times a day for the first week and use it for a full week. Then apply it as directed and be consistent. With time, you’ll like the results. 

Four Paws Repellent for Cats and Kittens 

Four Paws has been in the industry for more than three decades. The company is committed to manufacturing highest-quality pet products on the market, and Four Paws Repellent for Cats and Kittens is no exception. 

Coming home to get scratched leather seats can be annoying. And since it’s normal for cats to scratch, you can train them not to claw your stuff. And to do this humanely, you need a reliable cat repellent or deterrent spray to stop them from the bad habit. 

The Four Paws is formulated to repel cats for 24 hours when applied daily. Meaning, once you spray in the morning before leaving the house, the product will be active until the next morning. Ensure you apply it daily for effective results. The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Apply the spray on the areas you’d want to keep the pest off. It could be on draperies, furniture, and countertops. Keep off the pets from dangerous zones such as stoves and other appliances. Your cables will also be safe. The product ensures your pets stay away from houseplants, outdoor plants, and other unwanted areas.

You’ll no longer have marked floors due to the cat’s urine. The beddings, padded pillows, carpet, curtains, and seats will be safe. In addition to applying the repellent, provide your feline pal with a scratching post. 

SmartyKat Anti Scratch Training Aids

The scratching instinct is hard-wired into cats. It’s their norm, and since you don’t want to interfere with nature, train your pet to stay away from your furniture humanely. 

The SmartyKat Anti Scratch Training Aids is formulated to help you direct the cat way and protect your home fully and safely without subjecting your pet into solitary confinement or using other harmful products. Spray onto home furnishings to stop a feline friend from destroying items like carpets and toys.

The safe and effective barrier is invisible yet effective. To ensure it works perfectly, spray in a particular area, and if the cat sniffs and keeps off the place, you’ll know it’s effective. Ensure you apply in inconspicuous space to test its reaction on the fabric.   

For safety and environmental concerns, the SmartyKat Anti Scratch Training Aids are designed with safe, non-toxic ingredients and sustainable materials. 

The elements include lemon oil, emulsifiers, water, and eucalyptus oil. This is to ensure you rest with ease and have your pets’ companionship without the worry of items getting destroyed. The scent is pleasant to humans and awful to cats.  

It’s easy to apply as long as you follow the given directions. Follow the safety measures for your safety and that of the pet.

Lambert Kay Boundary Cat Repellent 

Waking up to destroyed plants, flowers, and shrubs can be traumatizing. Some cats might invade your garden in search of new territories either for breeding or a playground. Such activities will lead to the destruction of your well-trimmed flowers. 

To avoid this, buy a reliable repellent, Lambert Kay Boundary Cat Repellent is the ideal solution. 

The product will effectively keep cats away from trees, flower beds, bags, and shrubs. Prevent them from littering your compound with garbage from the garbage can. This is a purely and outdoor repellent, so don’t use it inside your home.

The affordable repellent spray will repel cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Use it consistently for the best results. However, do not apply it directly to the foliage of shrubs or ornamental and soft-bodied plants. More so, avoid spraying it on or near food crops.

Stray animals are often attracted to areas where pets have soiled with urine or feces. To discourage repeat visits, remove the droppings, and clean the space with water. And using gloves, lightly sprinkle granules from the container. 

Apply as a border to the plants and flowers to be protected. Repeat this process every day or until the cats stop undesirable behavior. Retreat the areas after the rains.

NaturVet – Off Limits Training Spray – Deters Pets From Desired Areas

NaturVet has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing products that offer your pets the ultimate quality of life. 

NaturVet – Off Limits Training Spray will help you mark the territories and train your feline friend in the best way possible. It keeps cats away from revisiting and marking the same spot.

Better yet, this product will help repel dogs as well as cats. You can even spray it on your flowers or entire flower bed!

This easy-to-use product doesn’t require special skills to spray. Simply mist-spray on the affected surfaces. With ideal weather conditions, the spray should last up to three days.

To add – you should most definitely ensure you test it on a small, inconspicuous surface before use if you’re planning on using the spray on any potentially sensitive fabrics.

Harbors Cat Repellent and Trainer – Cat Repellent Spray Indoor

The Harbors Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray is formulated to irritate your feline friend and give you a pleasant scent. This safe and natural anti-scratch spray prevents most kittens from scratching sofas and furniture. 

Cats are lively animals, and scratching surfaces is their nature. You should not stop their norm but train them not to be destructive. Harbors Cat Repellent will do the work for you and provide a pleasant smell for you and an awful smell for your feline friend.

The versatile deterrent spray is applicable on various surfaces such as furniture, counter tops, and phone chargers. The wide application makes you protect the home thoroughly, easily, and effectively.

As always, make sure you test a small amount on any sensitive material to make sure it doesn’t leave a stain.

For best results, use it 3 times per day for the first week and then apply as needed after. Harbors are assuming that your cat should be naturally avoiding your sprayed area after the first week of application.

Use as directed and BE CONSISTENT. If you slack in spraying, there’s a good chance the spray won’t work to deter your cat.

Eventually, with continued use, your cat will learn to keep off designated places. In case there is a destructive behavior reoccurrence, use the spray and combine it with the scratching post we referred to above.

One Final Note

Of course, as one final note, none of these sprays are intended to be sprayed directly ON your pet. You may find that if you test a few of the products out, some of them may work better than others (as is the case with ANY product really)

A lot of this is dependent on both how your feline reacts and the product itself, but test as much as possible to see. Happy cat deterring!


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