Our Mission

Our goal is to provide effective, eco-friendly, and easy-to-understand pest control solutions that empower homeowners and businesses alike! We strive to be your go-to resource for all things pest-related, offering in-depth articles, expert advice, and tips to keep those critters away from your favorite places. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to help you maintain a pest-free environment, ensuring peace of mind you and those around you! Our commitment is to offer guidance that is both practical and accessible, helping you to tackle any pest challenge with confidence.

Our Team

Zack DeAngelis | CEO/Founder of Pest Pointers | LinkedIn Profile

Zack DeAngelis, CEO/Founder of Pest Pointers

Zack is the CEO/Founder of Pest Pointers. He grew up in an area of Upstate, NY, with over 50+ acres of fields, woodlands, and a freshwater bass pond while dealing with a variety of wildlife run-ins. Zack has been quoted in a variety of national outlets while currently managing his home and gardening brands and working on a variety of different projects. His future goals include opening a Christmas tree farm and gardening center near his local city.

Kelcie Baior | U.S Botanical Garden Director | LinkedIn Profile

Kelcie Baior - U.S. Botanical Garden Director, Pest Pointers

Kelcie currently serves as a director of a U.S. Botanical Garden, where her expertise and passion for botanical systems shine. In this role, she combines her love for nature with her leadership skills, creating a haven that educates, inspires, and preserves biodiversity. Her work involves integrating sustainable practices, natural pest control methods, and educational initiatives, fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world. Kelcie also empowers individuals as a freelance copywriter and researcher with her expertise in permaculture, ethnobotany, natural pest control methods, and regenerative agriculture. 

Grant Bolton | Ph.D., Entomologist | LinkedIn Profile

Grant Bolton Ph.D Entomology Pest Pointers

Grant is a freelance copywriter and independent researcher. He has a Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Missouri and studied insect behavior and integrated pest management. He currently writes in the AgTech, BioTech, and pest control industries, helping companies with their marketing and content.

Courtney DiLorenzo | Pest Management | LinkedIn Profile

Courtney DiLorenzo, Pest Management, Pest Pointers

Courtney is an accomplished freelance scientific writer, boasting more than 13 years of invaluable experience in pest management. Her remarkable journey in this domain has allowed her to master the art of translating complex scientific research into practical, accessible information that individuals can use to enhance their daily lives. She embarked on her educational journey at the University of Georgia, where she spent eight years dedicated to enriching her knowledge and skills. She earned degrees in Wildlife Management, Forest Resources, and Entomology, shaping her into a versatile expert in the field of pest management.

Robyn Dockendorf | Published Author & Coyote Specialist! | LinkedIn Profile

Robyn, Dockendorf - Pest Pointers

Robyn is your friendly neighborhood writer and editor, with over a decade of experience weaving words into captivating tales and informative pieces. You might recognize her name from the spines of two published books, or maybe you’ve stumbled upon her work during your digital travels. Rock climbing? Yes, please! Hiking? Absolutely! Robyn is currently traveling the U.S. with her husband, their lovable three-legged dog, and two mischievous cats – while they live, love, and work in their cozy campervan, letting the road take them where it will, and finding inspiration in every sunrise, mountain peak, and wildlife sighting encountered.