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Courtney DiLorenzo is an accomplished freelance scientific writer, boasting more than 13 years of invaluable experience in pest management. Her remarkable journey in this domain has allowed her to master the art of translating complex scientific research into practical, accessible information that individuals can use to enhance their daily lives. Courtney’s academic background serves as a solid foundation for her career. She embarked on her educational journey at the University of Georgia, where she spent eight years dedicated to enriching her knowledge and skills.

She earned degrees in Wildlife Management, Forest Resources, and Entomology, shaping her into a versatile expert in the field of pest management.

Upon graduating, Courtney transitioned seamlessly into various impactful roles within the scientific and pest management community. Her journey took her through diverse avenues, from serving as an Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent to working on research as an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Research Lab Manager. Furthermore, her expertise extended into managing the UGA Agriculture and Environmental Services Soil, Plant, and Water Lab. Each of these roles further enriched her understanding of pest management, allowing her to connect with scientists and practitioners at the forefront of pest control.

Outside her professional life, Courtney possesses a rich tapestry of interests and hobbies that reflect her deep connection to the natural world. She is an avid hiker, constantly seeking to immerse herself in the beauty of the outdoors. She also finds joy in expressing her creativity through crocheting and woodworking. Moreover, Courtney shares a passion for video games with her husband, finding joy in exploring virtual realms, much like her exploration of the real world during her hikes.