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Why Call An Exterminator Or Wildlife Pro Before An Infestation?

Each year, it’s important to have a general insecticide sprayed by a professional around your house to keep bugs OUT, instead of you waiting for them to make it inside and cause expensive damage to your home.

I’ll paint you a picture of a lovely mouse infestation we had in the basement of our new home. When we moved in during 2022, I didn’t realize that under the drop ceiling of the very old basement, was an abundance of mouse droppings. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say over 1,000. It turns out that mice were getting in through the small holes in the side of our concrete well before we had moved in.

I spent about 40 hours of my time cleaning the basement (three times over) and patching any and every hole I could find on the outside of my home. Once I did that, I worked with a local company to check over my work and come to find out, I missed a few potential spots that I hadn’t noticed.

Long story short, it’s very helpful to have a second set of eyes check over your work, as you really don’t want to spend 10-40 hours of your time workshopping a pest issue. If you can be preventative from day 1, you’ll likely not have many issues.

Do I Need Pest & Wildlife Control?

The short answer: probably.

While many of our articles focus on reactive pest control (solving the pest problem once it happens) they also include this one suggestion.

Be preventative for BOTH wildlife and pest control problems.

For example, making sure there are no cracks in the siding of your foundation (to keep mice and rats out), keeping your chimney blocked off when it’s not in use (to keep bugs from crawling in) and keeping coyotes from getting too close to your home, more so if you have animals.

One of the best ways to be preventative against bugs and insects is to hire a pest control expert to treat your home with a general insecticide each year. Furthermore, you can contact a wildlife control professional to give you tips and be preventative on how to keep critters at bay near your home, before they start causing issues.

Local experts will know your area quite well, which is why it’s best to use an experienced professional in your area.

For spraying general insecticides, these are effective against a multitude of insects, and this can go a long way into keeping your home pest free for the upcoming season.

So, if you need an exterminator or wildlife pro, kindly use our partner network to help support Pest Pointers and the content we provide – and we’ll get you connected to a local expert near you in seconds.

General Prevention Tips:

Limit Standing Water

Bugs, insects and wildlife all seek after two things: food and shelter. If you have standing water on your property, you're more than likely unintentionally inviting pests onto your property.

Routinely Check For Signs Of Insects

Routinely check areas you don't frequent for signs of insects and rodents, such as the corners & ceilings of your basement and garage. This areas tend to be unfinished, where you'll notice things like shell casings and droppings if theres insect or rodent activity.

Keep Your Home Free Of Crumbs

Outside of standing water, food sources for both bugs and rodents alike are the #1 factor for them sticking around inside (they're attracted to mixture of shelter, water, food, and heat.) Routinely clean your home, and you'll see less pests inside it!

Fix Any Holes On The Outside Of Your Home

Mice can enter your home in gaps only 1/4in big. Bugs can fit inside even smaller gaps! It's important to seal your home with a proper foam or caulk, which will be an added deterrent for any pest trying to make their way inside your home.s

Remember: Be Preventative, Not Reactive.

Spraying baseboards and the foundation of your home with a contact solution will help to keep many bugs and insects out of your house for the upcoming season. Routinely, this is done in the late Winter, Spring, and Summer seasons.

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