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Robyn Dockendorf | Published Author & Coyote Specialist! | LinkedIn Profile

Robyn is your friendly neighborhood writer and editor, boasting over a decade of experience in weaving words into captivating tales and informative pieces. You might recognize her name from the spines of two published books, or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon her work during your digital travels. For the past two and a half years, she has been living the freelancer’s dream of contract writing while traveling. But rest assured, her life is not all about commas, semicolons!

When not tucked behind her laptop screen, she can be found embracing nature in the most thrilling ways possible. Rock climbing? Yes, please! Hiking? Absolutely! Traveling the U.S. with her husband, their lovable three-legged dog, and two mischievous cats? That’s her everyday reality. They live, love, and work in their cozy campervan, letting the road take them where it will, and finding inspiration in every sunrise, mountain peak, and wildlife sighting they encounter.

But don’t let the nomadic lifestyle fool you. Robyn is a dedicated professional committed to delivering top-notch content, even from the most remote corners of the country. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about researching and writing articles that help folks navigate the challenges and joys of hiking, traveling, and exploring, all while perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon or nestled against a vertical rock face.

Incurable wanderlust runs in her veins, and being able to combine her passion for travel with her love for writing is nothing short of a dream come true. So, while her laptop may be covered in cat hair and her desk sits in the middle of a forest, she will continue to write content that is well-researched and nothing short of the best information available. Follow her adventures on her ‘Dirtbagswithfurbags‘ website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.