Kelcie Baior

Kelcie Baior - U.S. Botanical Garden Director, Pest Pointers

Kelcie Baior | U.S. Botanical Garden Director | LinkedIn Profile

Meet Kelcie Baior, a passionate advocate for sustainable living, holistic wellness, and environmental harmony. With a diverse educational background in biology, environmental science, global health, and clinical medicine, Kelcie combines her scientific expertise with a profound respect for nature, creating innovative solutions for sustainable living and natural pest control.

Kelcie’s experience extends globally, where she has worked closely with nature through house sitting and hands-on homestead, orchard, vineyard, food forest, and organic farm work around the globe. Immersing herself in diverse cultures and ecosystems, Kelcie gained valuable insights into the intricacies of sustainable agriculture and eco-conscious living practices. This global exposure enriches her approach to permaculture and pest control, incorporating international wisdom into her sustainable solutions.

Kelcie currently serves as a director of a U.S. Botanical Garden, where her expertise and passion for botanical systems shine. In this role, she combines her love for nature with her leadership skills, creating a haven that educates, inspires, and preserves biodiversity. Her work involves integrating sustainable practices, natural pest control methods, and educational initiatives, fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world.

She also empowers individuals as a freelance copywriter and researcher with her expertise in permaculture, ethnobotany, and regenerative agriculture. Her passion for plants and sustainable practices shines through as she educates others about growing their own food and medicinal plants sustainably. Additionally, Kelcie specializes in natural pest control methods, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly solutions in preserving biodiversity.