The 4 Best Bird Spikes for Small Birds & How to Use Them

Birds are adorable creatures for the most part. But ask anyone who has ever had their property defaced by bird droppings and they’ll tell you a different story. Bird spikes can be a simple long-term solution to bird infestation on your property.

The best bird spikes are inconspicuous and blend right into the surface where you install them. They are very easy to install, act as an extremely effective and humane solution to a bird infestation, and are made of durable materials that should last you years if used properly.

In this article, we will be reviewing four of the best bird spikes perfect for curbing small birds. We will also be looking at how you can use them effectively. Finally, if you’re not sure about bird spikes, we will also be looking at some cool alternatives!

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Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless Steel Metal Bird Spike

First on our list of the best bird spikes for small birds is the Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless steel Metal Bird Spike. The manufacturers aptly use the slogan “Bye, Bye, Birdie!” to promote this product, and this bird spike is indeed an extremely effective solution to all your bird-related infestations.

The stainless steel build of this bird spike is corrosion-proof, so this is a long term solution. The flexible polycarbonate base, too, is capable of standing the test of time. Once properly installed, it will keep birds from landing and roosting in your property for many decades and requires little to no maintenance.

This bird spike comes in various lengths, so depending on your needs, you could use it on pretty much any place you need to, including rooftops, patios, fences, ledges, garages, conditioners, or playgrounds. This is indeed a very effective long term solution. 

You won’t have to worry about harming the birds either. The spikes only serve as deterrents to keep the birds from landing or perching on the installed location as Bird-X claims that the spikes aren’t sharp enough to harm the birds.

This is an environmentally friendly approach to keeping birds from ruining your property (or roofing!)

The manufacturers Bird-X are a Chicago based company founded in 1964. They have over 50 years of experience in the pest control business, focusing on the control of related bird infestations.

So now that we’ve got the gist, let us now look at the pros and cons of the Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless steel Metal Bird Spike.


  • It is easy to install (use a professional if installing in high up areas)
  • Acts as a durable long-term solution as the stainless steel build is corrosion-proof
  • It is available in 4 different sizes (10 feet, 24 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet)
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • Should cover the majority of small birds, but some birds can still build a nest between the spikes, although this is rare

Bird Blinder Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Next on our list is the Bird Blinder Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. This is a 4-inch wide spike strip that is very effective at keeping birds like pigeons and sparrows among others at bay. The spikes also work on small rodents like squirrels or other animals like cats and raccoons.

The build of this bird spike consists of 304 stainless steel, which is both corrosion-proof and weatherproof. So this is a great long term solution to keeping birds from landing or perching on your property.

In the box, you will get 15 sets of 26-inch strips of the spikes that have to be placed half an inch apart from one another. Together, they provide protection for a length of 33 feet. You can easily install these spikes on your patios, fences, ledges, mailboxes, chimneys, or wherever you want to prevent birds from landing.

When properly installed, the Bird Blinder Stainless Steel Bird Spikes effectively and humanely prevents birds from landing, excreting, nesting or perching on your property. One slight drawback for this product is that it does not come with its own glue or screws to permanently attach the spikes to the strips or the strips to the surface. While this isn’t too big of a deal, it is a slight let down.

The grid design, however, makes this a very effective solution. You can simply add as many strips as you need to cover the surface you want to protect. You will be limited to 11 strips per box, but you always get more.  


  • Is made of weatherproof and corrosion-proof stainless steel. So durability is guaranteed.
  • Generally easy to install depending on location (hire a professional if placing in a high up area if you’re unfamiliar with it)


  • This does not come with its own glue or screws, so you will have to purchase them in addition to the spikes.

Defender Plastic Bird Spikes

The Defender Plastic Bird Spikes are the only plastic bird spikes on our list. The plastic build makes them more resistant to the weather elements than stainless steel spikes. And they are just as effective at keeping small birds like pigeons at bay.

The Defender Plastic Bird Spikes are made of Durolon UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Plastic. Each spike is 4.4 inches long and can be installed on any ledge with a depth of up to 4 inches. While the box comes with 45 strips each 13 inches long, you can easily snap them by hand into smaller pieces to fit them where you may need to.

The installation is also extremely simple. All you’ll have to do is add the silicon glue that you get in the box to the holes in the strips and then fix the pins into the hole to hold them in place. This is an effective and humane long term solution to prevent birds from landing, perching, or roosting on your property.  

The manufactures are a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the bird control business. This experience is partly shared in the handy 40-page guide on how to prevent bird infestation that you get for free along with the product.


  • Comes with 45 strips, for a total of 50 feet (depending on size ordered.)
  • Comes with a handy “Defender Bird Deterrent Guide”
  • Use a professional if installing in high up areas, but is easy to install
  • Its UV stabilized polycarbonate build protects it from the sun


  • The plastic spikes aren’t as strong as stainless steel spikes, so these aren’t as effective with big birds and are also more prone to breaking from accidents

Aspectek Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Another stainless steel product, the Aspectek Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, is the fourth and final entry on our list.

The spikes are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, while the base is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate. So durability shouldn’t be an issue with this product.

Once properly installed, it will protect your property from birds for many years. However, the manufacturers don’t offer a warranty, so you’ll have to keep that in mind upon purchasing the spikes.

One cool thing about the actually spike strip itself is that the strips are extremely bendable. They can be bent up to 360 degrees. This basically offers more options on how you install them.

The spikes can even be used temporarily using either clamps or Velcro strips. This can be particularly helpful when you’re looking for seasonal protection or looking to protect things like your boat while in the water!

These spikes are generally easy to install. The base comes with a pre-drilled hole where you will be gluing the spikes.

The width provides sufficient protection to anything similar to fences, patios, gazebos, chimneys, roofs, etc.

Additionally, Aspectek’s bird spikes claim to effectively fend off all sorts of birds, including pigeons, sparrows, crows, and shallows, among others. It can even prefer protection against climbing rodents!


  • Is incredibly flexible (can bend a full 360 degrees)
  • Is made of durable materials: stainless steel spikes with plastic polycarbonate base
  • Simple to install (use a professional if installing in a high up place)
  • Specifically claims to fend off many types of birds


  • Does not come with a warranty

How Do I Properly Install Bird Spikes?

Installing a bird spike can be a humane and effective way to deter birds from infesting your property. Anyone who has ever had their roof or patio defaced by bird droppings will understand how valuable these things can be.

All bird spikes are incredibly easy to install. Most installations can be done in a DIY manner, and seldom require professional help.

HOWEVER, if you are installing in a high up place and you aren’t experienced, please contact a professional to perform the install for you!

Most installations, on average, should take just a couple of hours at the most. Just make sure you skim through the manuals before installing these spikes on your property.

As we have seen with the products reviewed above, most bird spikes come in strips. They usually have a base that attaches to the surface you want to protect and a set of spikes that fit into holes in the strips.

Most manufactures provide some sort of adhesive along with their spikes. To make sure you get a proper finish, you might want to get a caulking gun and some screws.

Bird spikes are also incredibly versatile with regards to the positions you can place them in. You can pretty much attach the strips at any angle, lining them with the building’s contours. The spikes can then be attached to the strips!

Birds can be a huge nuisance if they form the habit or roosting or perching in your property. Most notably, they can leave a plethora of droppings on your property, which isn’t really great for anyone.

We have this problem at our pond, big time.

Installing bird spikes can be a simple and very humane way to avoid this problem. Most bird spikes don’t harm the birds but rather, act as a deterrent to instruct the birds to land elsewhere.

How to Pick the Right Bird Spikes for You

As we have seen above, bird spikes come in one of two forms. They are made of stainless steel, or they’re made of plastic. Each offers its own unique set of advantages, but in general, both work pretty well in deterring birds from the surface they are installed on.

One of the most notable advantages of stainless steel bird spikes is that they are less visible than plastic spikes. So you can install them without anyone even noticing them.

If you’re running a business of some sort like a restaurant or a bar, you wouldn’t want your customers to get distracted by some menacing-looking spikes. This is where stainless steel spikes can come in most handy.

Plastic spikes have their own set of advantages as well. For starters, they are much less expensive than stainless steel spikes. They are not as inconspicuous as stainless steel spikes, but they are available in several different colors.

This can be used to your advantage if you’re looking to install spikes that go along with the overall tone of the vicinity!

Are Bird Spikes Actually Sharp?

One question that troubles a lot of people when they consider getting bird spikes is whether or not they are actually sharp. After all, the idea of installing spikes to deter birds and other pests does sound off putting at first

Thankfully, bird spikes are generally not sharp. Most products are not designed to harm the birds in any way.

They are, in fact, more humane than they seem. Their primary purpose is to discourage birds from landing anywhere near them. The spikes make it difficult for the birds to land or roost near them, leading them to fly somewhere else where they can do so more conveniently.

Another factor about bird spikes worth mentioning is that they are environmentally friendly compared to the other options that one might be considering (such as a chemical repellent.)

Like we’ve mentioned before, there are two types of bird spikes: plastic ones and stainless steel ones. Both of these are designed to last you decades.

The Ethics of Using Bird Spikes

So what about the ethics of using bird spikes. Should you feel bad about deterring those cute little birds from landing on your property? Isn’t the space theirs as much as it is yours?

Well, no!

You don’t need to feel bad about using bird spikes. As discussed in the previous section, bird spikes are an incredibly humane solution to a big problem. Anyone who has ever faced the true extent of bird infestation will tell you how effective this solution can be.

The main thing you need to tell yourself is that you are simply discouraging the birds from picking your property to land in and deface. It’s not like you will be hurting the bird’s feelings or anything.

They will simply pick another spot to land and roost in, and both of you can be happy.

The most discouraging part about using bird spikes for most people is the spikes themselves. There is no denying they look menacing and evil. However, they are completely harmless and extremely efficient at doing their job.

If you’re troubled by birds constantly landing on your porch, fence, patio, roof, chimney, or whatever else, and defacing them with their droppings, do yourself a favor and install some bird spikes. When the birds cross the spikes, their most likely course of action is to just fly away.

Yes, the birds can simply fly away elsewhere to do their business!

The Benefits of Using Bird Spikes

We have already looked at almost all the benefits of installing bird spikes to deter birds. But at this point in the article, it makes sense to summarize all the benefits in a handy list. This should help you decide if you are still having doubts about using this amazing solution.

  • Using bird spikes is a simple solution to all the big problems that birds can cause. Installing them is very easy and involves lining a strip along the surface you want to protect and attaching the spikes to the strips.

    Since most of the strips are made of plastic, you can also simply break them into smaller pieces to get the right size you are looking for.
  • Bird spikes are a long-term solution. These products are meant to last for many decades, so following one simple and quick installation can protect your property from bird infestation for a very long time. The spikes are either made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or plastic. With either case, the spikes will last many years with little to no maintenance required.
  • Bird spikes are a humane solution to bird infestation. While they may look menacing, the spikes never harm the birds. They are just meant to serve as a deterrent, discouraging the birds from landing and roosting on the surface you have installed them on. The birds will simply move on to a different location where it’s more convenient for them to land.
  • Most bird spikes are incredibly inconspicuous. The materials are designed to blend right into the environment, so most people won’t even notice that you’ve got them on until they get close. The birds will notice them, though, and that is where it truly counts.

If you still aren’t sold on spikes, we have included a section below with three different alternatives to bird spikes!

3 Alternatives to Using Bird Spikes

While bird spikes are primarily designed to discourage the birds from flying into the location, the idea of installing bird spikes deters many people and leads them to look for less intense and friendlier alternatives.

De-Bird: Scare Tape – Reflective Tape

The De-Bird Scare Tape is one of the best alternatives to bird spikes on the market.

This reflective tape works by reflecting the sun’s light, dazzling the bird’s eyes, and discouraging them from flying near your property. This tape works great at deterring all sorts of birds from sparrows, pigeons, and woodpeckers to ducks, grackles, and geese.

This product does not harm birds in any way and is very easy to set up. The design of this scare tape consists of extra thick and weather-resistant material, meaning it has the potential to last you quite some time.

However, it the actual shine of the material can tend to fade away with time, slowly losing its ability to reflect and deter the birds.

Thankfully, the manufacturers sell it with a 12-month money-back guarantee. This durable holographic pest control reflective tape is a great alternative if a bird spike seems too intense for you and most of all, getting a new roll is generally very cost-effective.

The biggest differentiating factor between this tape and bird spikes, however, is that you truly need sunlight to shine off of the tape, which will then deter the birds.


  • Is incredibly easy to set up
  • Does not harm the birds
  • Is the most effective alternative to bird spikes
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • Can be a bit of an eyesore
  • The tape tends to fade away over time, losing its ability to reflect and deter the birds
  • Needs sunlight to be effective

Gardeneer By Dalen Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl

Now, I’m somewhat against using scarecrows as there isn’t a ton of efficacy to back them up. However, they’ve been used for years and continually are, so there may be some effectiveness to them.

This beautiful 16-inch Horner Owl scarecrow is like an improved version of your typical scarecrow that you use to scare away birds. Since owls are natural predators to most small birds, this scarecrow does a very good job as an alternative to Bird Spikes.

It can either be mounted on a pole or simply be placed in the decks, patios, etc. This means it is also portable.

Since a scarecrow is nothing but a glorified doll, this alternative does absolutely no harm to the birds while effectively keeping them away from your yard or your house.

The owl itself is pretty cool looking, so the thing can also serve as a nice little decoration for your yard and is a USA-made product.


  • Easy to set up, just stick it on the ground!
  • Portable, adding to the overall convenience
  • It also doubles as a decoration
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • The owl’s eyes tend to fade away with time, which leads the scarecrow to lose its effectiveness
  • Not a ton of efficacy to their effectiveness

Bird Blinder Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods

This is another simple alternative using bird spikes. The Bird Blinder Wind Twisting Scare Rods work by reflecting the bright light from the sun to the eyes of nearby birds, dazzling them and discouraging them from flying anywhere near where you’ve installed them.

Essentially, this is a similar concept to the reflective bird tape mentioned earlier.

This set consists of five 12-inch rods that twist and move in the wind to reflect light.

And do not be fooled. The deterrent rods aren’t just ugly reflectors. In fact, they look like beautiful decorative pieces that add to the charm of the vicinity where they are installed. This is a very simple and harmless way to keep small birds from flying into your garden, porch, or farm.


  • Decorative for your garden/home
  • Aims to keep both small birds away by making it difficult for them to land near the bright light
  • Low maintenance (expect if they get dirty)


  • This scare rod only works in the wind. In non-windy situations, the light won’t be reflected as effectively
  • Depending on sunlight as well

Wrapping Things Up

Bird spikes are a simple and effective solution to bird infestations.

Despite their menacing look, these things are an incredibly humane solution, and they do a great job of discouraging birds from landing and roosting on the surface they are installed in.

The installation is pretty simple and versatile (although you’ll want to hire a professional if you’re placing the spikes high up.)

Generally, most bird spikes are made to last, so following one quick installation, you will have a solution that could last you years

Overall, reviewed were four of the best bird spikes for small birds one the market – including the Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless steel Metal Bird Spike, Bird Blinder Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, Defender Plastic Bird Spikes, and Aspectek Stainless Steel Bird Spikes and also reviewed some fantastic alternatives in case you aren’t a bird spike fan.

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  1. Need some advise please; which would be best for my needs: Bird X STS-10 … or Bird Binder? Need to protect a ten foot long and 4 inch wide wood beam over the porch. And two metal roof vents (from a wood pecker) one about a foot square and the other one 10 inches in diameter. Also, how do they attach to the wood and metal. Thanks. Dave

    1. Hey David, good luck those with those woodpeckers… they’ve helped destroy some beautiful ash trees on our family property. I think either would work. The main differences are that Bird X STS-10 has a plastic base and can be applied with adhesive and that Bird Binder has a stainless steel base but needs to be applied with screws (STS-10 can be applied with screws also). Both can be attached on metal or plastic with screws.

      Ifyou don’t want to screw into anything and are looking for a temporary solution, then the STS-10 may be a better choice. Both can be cut to legnth (STS-10 having and the STS-10 has a 6in spread while the Bird Binder has a 4in spread. Keep in mind that woodpeckers are quite good at perching on vertical surfaces, so you’re moreso making sure that they won’t perch specifically on your porch or on those roof vents. One good thing about Bird Binder I’ll say is that the stainless steel base will impair the birds visbility more than the STS-10 since the base is stainless steel, it’ll basically be a big ol’ reflection when they try to land, similar to a cd shining in the sun.

      Keep me updated on what you decide!

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