Cinnamon Oil: Using it to Keep Mice Away From Your Shed

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Did you know that cinnamon oil can be a natural and effective way to repel mice from your shed? As a nature and wildlife specialist, I’ve done extensive research on various methods to keep these little pests away, and I’ve got to say, cinnamon oil has got to be one of my favorites! Not only does it smell great, it’s also a safer alternative to chemical-based solutions that may harm the environment, your pets, or even yourself.

Cinnamon oil works wonders in repelling mice because they simply can’t stand the smell!

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly method to keep your shed mouse-free, then this potent essential oil may be the solution for you. With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the best ways to use cinnamon oil in your shed to bid farewell to your unwanted furry friends!

A quick tip – using it with cotton balls or other materials that you can soak it in is the way to go!

Key Takeaways:

  • Cinnamon oil is a natural way to repel mice from your shed.
  • It’s safer for the environment and your pets than chemical solutions.
  • Mice can’t stand the smell of cinnamon oil.
  • Use it either with soaked materials or as a spray for maximum effectiveness.
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Cinnamon Oil: An Effective Home Remedy to Keep Mice Away

Cinnamon oil is a natural and effective solution for repelling mice in your shed. Who knew that something as common as cinnamon could be a mice’s worst nightmare? In this handy guide, we’ll discuss how to best use cinnamon oil in a shed to keep those pesky rodents away.

Mice have a keen sense of smell. Their olfactory senses are up to 100 times more sensitive than yours! So, we’re aiming to tickle their nostrils in a way that sends them packing. Why does cinnamon oil work so well?

The strong aroma of cinnamon oil irritates their nasal passages, making them avoid areas where it’s present.

Why Cinnamon Oil Works To Repel Mice

When it comes to repelling mice naturally, cinnamon oil is an effective option. Now, you may wonder why it works so well against these furry invaders. Let’s dive into some scientific details to understand this better!

Cinnamon oil contains a potent compound called cinnamaldehyde.
Cinnamaldehyde is responsible for cinnamon’s strong aroma, which is actually overpowering and irritating to the sensitive olfactory senses of mice! In turn, they avoid the area where the scent is present.

In fact, researchers at the National Institute of Health recognize cinnamon oil as a natural repellent of pests!

Of course, there’s a bonus perk to using cinnamon oil – it smells wonderful! Unlike many harsh synthetic mouse deterrents, cinnamon oil helps keep your shed mice-free and smelling like a bakery. Who wouldn’t love that?

How to Use Cinnamon Oil in Your Shed To Keep Mice Out

First things first, grab yourself a great cinnamon oil! We love the Majestic Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil! It is 100% pure and comes with great reviews!

Step-By-Step Application

  1. Gather your essentials: Get your hands on pure cinnamon oil, cotton balls, gloves, and a dropper.

  2. Preparation: Safety first! Put on your gloves to avoid direct contact with the concentrated oil.

  3. Cotton ball magic: Soak a bunch of cotton balls with a dropper until they’re well-marinated in cinnamon oil. (I’ve found that 2-3 drops per ball do the trick!)

  4. Strategically place the scented troopers: It’s time to show these mice who’s the big cheese around here. Place the cinnamon-soaked cotton balls near doors, windows, pipes, entrances, crevices, and any suspicious-looking mouse holes.

    Protip: Mice detest the strong aroma of cinnamon. Using cinnamon oil targets their keen sense of smell, persuading them to find a less pungent home, far from your shed!

  5. Let the odor work its magic: Cinnamon oil’s smell will send these uninvited guests scampering. But remember to keep an eye on the cotton balls and replace them with freshly soaked ones every 2 weeks. Persistence is key!

Ways to Use Cinnamon Oil in a Shed
Soak cotton balls in cinnamon oil and place them in corners and entry points
Create a cinnamon oil spray and apply it in areas where mice might enter or hide
Make cinnamon sachets by filling small cloth bags with cinnamon sticks or cinnamon-scented potpourri (We have a cheat for this below!)!
Mix cinnamon oil with cedar chips to create a double whammy deterrent
Replace cotton balls every few weeks to maintain the scent
Reapply cinnamon oil spray as needed, especially after rainfall or cleaning

Remember: Keep it natural, keep it safe, and keep it cinnamon oil-infused!

And hey, if you’re not into DIY we suggest grabbing this 12 Pack of Cinnamon Sachets, that you can place throughout your home!

Combining Cinnamon Oil with Other Natural Repellents Can Be Effective

Cinnamon bark with essential oil on wooden background

Cinnamon oil is super effective, but to make the most of its repellent properties, consider combining it with other natural scents that are equally effective in keeping those critters at bay. Here are some of them:

  • Peppermint oil: Mice dislike the intense, minty aroma of this oil, making it an excellent addition to your cinnamon oil. Mix them together and place cotton balls soaked in the solution in different corners of your shed.

  • Ammonia: Mice can’t bear the smell of ammonia, as it resembles the odor of a predator’s urine. Place ammonia-soaked rags strategically in your shed, along with the cinnamon oil, and you’ll have a powerful deterrent.

  • Cayenne pepper: This hot spice can irritate a mouse’s senses! Sprinkle it around your shed’s perimeter, especially near potential entry points. It will make them think twice before stepping in!

  • Cloves & Bay leaves: Mice find the scents of these spices unattractive, making them valuable allies. You can either mix their essential oils with cinnamon oil or scatter whole cloves and bay leaves around your shed.

Remember that consistency is key when using natural repellents. Make sure to replace or refresh your repellent mixture periodically, so that the scents remain potent and effective.

Together, these natural repellents create an environment that’s incredibly unpleasant for mice. Trust me, they’ll think twice before making your shed their home. So go ahead, give it a try and witness the power of nature at work!

Additional Tips to Prevent Mice Infestation

Sealing Entry Points

To keep mice out of your shed, it’s important to seal any cracks or gaps that could be allowing them to enter. One effective method to block their entry is to use steel wool or a cloth stuffed into the openings. Mice are unable to chew through steel wool, making it a great barrier.

For example, when I found some tiny gaps around my refrigerator and stove, I quickly filled them with steel wool. This discourages mice from entering my home. Similarly, you should seal any gaps around drain entrances in your shed too!

Make sure to also add cinnamon oil to your garages, car, or RV – these pesky mice can get in anywhere!

Cleanliness and Maintenance

A clean and well-maintained shed is less likely to attract mice. So, what can you do to keep your shed tidy and unappealing to these pesky rodents?

  • Regularly sweep and mop the shed floor.
  • Dispose of trash and clutter promptly. Mice love to find hiding places or even nesting materials in clutter.
  • Store food items in airtight containers. This prevents mice from being attracted to the scent.

In short, by sealing potential entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and combining it with the use of a natural deterrent like cinnamon oil, your shed can be a mice-free zone!

Alternative Methods to Deter Mice From Your Shed

Leaping Wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) isolated on white background. This cute looking mouse is found across most of Europe and is a very common and widespread species.

Other Essential Oils That Will Keep Mice Out Of Your Shed

Besides cinnamon oil, there are other essential oils you can use to keep mice away from your shed. Peppermint oil is a popular choice due to its strong scent that mice dislike. To use it, simply soak cotton balls in the oil and place them around the shed. Remember to replace them every couple of weeks to maintain the potency!

Lemon and eucalyptus oils are also effective repellents. Just like with peppermint oil, you can soak cotton balls in these oils and strategically place them around the shed for maximum effect.

Plants Around Your Shed Can Keep Mice Out

Having particular plants around your shed can naturally deter mice from coming in. Mint and lavender are excellent choices as their strong scents repel mice. Plant them around the perimeter of your shed, and you’ll have a pleasant-smelling deterrent in place!

Marigolds can also be helpful due to their unpleasant scent (well, unpleasant to mice, at least!). Plant them alongside your mint and lavender for added protection.

Household Items Can Repel Mice Too

You might be surprised to find that common household items can help keep mice out of your shed! Let’s take a peek at some of these mouse-deterring treasures:

  • Cat Nip: Catnip is a natural deterrent for mice because it contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone, which is known to repel rodents. When mice are exposed to catnip, they tend to avoid the area where it is present. This is because nepetalactone triggers a response in mice that makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

  • Baking soda and salt: Mix equal parts baking soda and salt and sprinkle the mixture around the shed. The scent is unpleasant to mice, and they’ll be less likely to enter your shed with that in place.

  • Dryer sheets: Another popular hack is to place dryer sheets in the corners and crevices of your shed. Mice don’t like the strong scent and will stay away.


Using cinnamon oil in your shed can be a simple and effective way to deter mice using a natural remedy.

One of the best ways to use cinnamon oil is to:

  1. Soak cotton balls in the oil.
  2. Place these scented cotton balls in drawers and corners of your shed where mice tend to gather.

You might notice that the cinnamon oil’s strong aroma serves as an annoyance to mice, causing them to avoid the area. Typically, replacing these cotton balls every three weeks should do the trick.

Different types of cinnamon oil scented items that could be helpful in keeping mice away from your shed include:

  • Cinnamon oil-soaked cloths: Placed in strategic areas among items stored in your shed.
  • Cinnamon oil-infused sachets: Hung around the shed to keep the scent in the air consistently.

To ensure consistent results, remember to check on your cinnamon oil-infused items regularly, refreshing or replacing them as needed. You’ll be surprised by how those little critters will bid a hasty retreat!

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