Vinegar: Here’s How To Use It To Get Rid Of Scorpions

vinegar repels scorpions

Scorpions, believe it or not, are beneficial to your environment as they eat other undesirable insects. However, you do not want them in your house or even near your house as they can sting! Having a spray bottle of vinegar handy could be most helpful in repelling them and other crawlers as well.

The powerful smell of vinegar can create a potent environment for driving away scorpions. Spray areas that scorpions frequent outside your home with a 1:1 mixture of water and diluted white vinegar. The scent will overpower other smells that attract scorpions, repelling them.

Below we will discuss ways to use vinegar and other strong-smelling natural products. With consistent application, these can keep scorpions, as well as other bugs, away from coming into and around your home.

Let’s dive in!

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How Can Vinegar Possibly Keep Scorpions Away?

Though it may be a matter of opinion, scorpions are fascinating little creatures, and are not, in fact, an insect. They are members of the Arachnid class and are related to spiders, mites, and ticks. As mentioned in the beginning, they are beneficial and keep down the bug population.

But of course, you don’t want scorpions in your home just to get rid of insects with the potential of getting stung!

So that is where vinegar and other natural products come in. Cleaning your house and creating an environment undesirable to any insect that could attract scorpions into your home is a great place to start. Scorpions generally hunt at night since they are nocturnal, feeding on a variety of insects, spiders, and other scorpions.

Scorpion in a person's hand

With that in mind, keeping your home clean with natural products such as vinegar can repel most insects, leaving your home free of crawling food for scorpions.

So again, because of lack of scientific evidence, vinegar may not get rid of scorpions per se but will sanitize your home by getting rid of insects that invite scorpions in. Yet, the strong vinegar smell alone could very well discourage scorpions from coming around at all.

The primary thinking behind this method is that scorpions have a strong sense of smell, which they use to find food and shelter sources. So by using vinegar – its pungent and acidic aroma will overpower other scents that attract scorpions (and other insects), causing them to stay away.

How To Use Vinegar to Repel Scorpions

The main thing you want to do is use diluted white vinegar, the typical stuff that you find in the grocery store!

You’ll want to apply a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water along all baseboards and entryways in your home spraying generously. You can even regularly use a stronger solution, like those mentioned above, for spraying outdoors all around the perimeter of your house and the entryways.

Just make sure to test small amounts on any areas so it doesn’t ruin the textiles or wood. In most cases, you’ll want to dilute the vinegar in a 1:1 solution of water.

What Other Natural Or Household Ingredients Might Get Rid Of Scorpions?

These scents follow along the same thinking of vinegar in that their strength will overpower the senses of scorpions and other insects, which will then cause them to stay away!

1. The Strong scent of Peppermint Oil Repels Scorpions

Insects and other small crawlers dislike aromatic smells. Peppermint oil, with its strong mint smell and burning sensation, repels these small critters and can be diluted with water in a spray bottle.

Use this spray wherever scorpions could enter your home, whether window sills, entryways, or cracks and crevices.

2. Citrus Oils Can Be Used as a scorpion Repellant

You can use these oils the same way as peppermint by diluting them in a spray bottle. Citrus oils contain strong-smelling components that naturally repel unwanted crawling critters.

You can enjoy the wonderful smell of these oils, knowing that the aroma will send those unwanted guests right back out the door.

3. Scorpions are Repelled By the Pugency of Cinnamon

How about trying cinnamon? This pungent-smelling hot spice will cover up any potential food source that could be lying around keeping these unwelcome visitors away.

A few drops of potent cinnamon essential oil mixed with water and sprayed in areas where they could hide will send the scorpions packing. You could even sprinkle cinnamon powder in those areas if you do not have the oil on hand.

4. Cedar Oil or Chips can be effective scorpion repellants

Cedar Oil is another powerful oil to try, and cedar chips are also an option. Scorpions and other crawlers have very sensitive membranes that are especially repelled by this smell and the methyl thujate acid it contains.

You can place the chips all around your home and in your garden and enjoy the benefits of ground protection as well

5. Garlic Can Be a powerful in Deterring Scorpions

Good ‘ole garlic. This powerful little vegetable can no doubt pack a powerful punch. You can simply cut up clove pieces and spread them in areas you think scorpions are traveling.

If you don’t mind the smell yourself, then go for it!

What Else Can Help Repel Scorpions Long-Term?

A group on baby scorpions on the ground

Chickens Keep Scorpions Away

Chickens are great critters to have on hand. Not only will they provide you with fresh eggs, but they will eat every creepy crawling thing they see moving, including scorpions.

Get A Cat to Fix your scorpion problem

Cats love to hunt prey and capture them, even scorpions. However, if you are afraid of your cat getting hurt in the process, then it is better to use other options.

Keep Scorpions Away Using Lavender Plants

Planting lavender around your house is said to be one plant that keeps scorpions away. Though there is no factual evidence or proof, but it follows the same thinking as the other scents on this list. Plus, the lavender in itself will add beauty to your landscaping!

Diatomaceous Earth Can Be Effective at getting rid of scorpions

Diatomaceous earth is an age-old natural, organic powder that is very popular amongst country folk and gardeners. Some people say it is a great pest controller. Get only food-grade as it is safest for humans and pets.

Again, there is not enough scientific evidence and comes with precautions according to the National Pesticide Information Center.

But from research, it looks like a lot of folks testify of the effectiveness of Diatomaceous Earth in getting rid of pests, including scorpions.

Use Burlap Bags To Repel Scorpions

Would you have ever thought of using burlap bags to trap scorpions? During dry weather, spread wet burlap bags on the ground around the house to trap scorpions. The moisture attracts these critters, allowing you to get rid of them.

How Do Scorpions Come Into My House And Why?

There are several ways and reasons scorpions, spiders, and other unwanted guests are coming into your house. Though scorpions live well in the scorching desert, they will seek moisture and shade to get out of the heat in any way they can. When they are hungry, scorpions will go anywhere to find insects to eat, even into your home.

If you need to check for scorpions, the best way is to remove loose boards, rocks, and other debris from all around the outside base of your house. Wear gloves and be careful while moving these things. It is also wise not to store shoes outside, as they will be an invitation for scorpions seeking shelter. And it is best not to leave clothing or towels on the ground inside or out.

It is also wise to keep plants and vegetation away from the outside walls of your house will eliminate any hiding places. If you are finding scorpions in your area, conducting a search at night with a black fluorescent light will help locate them. From there, you can decide whether to carefully catch and relocate them or get rid of them.

Just think of ANY area where something small may like to live. Here’s our detailed guide on what attracts scorpions into your home if you’d like to learn more.

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