Here’s How Wintergreen Oil Keeps Mice Away (And Why It Does)

keeping mice away with wintergreen oil

Wintergreen oil has become a popular natural repellent for those looking to keep pesky rodents, like mice, at bay. With its distinct, minty aroma, this essential oil is not only pleasant for humans but seemingly unpleasant for mice. However, does wintergreen oil truly work effectively against mice, and if so, how can it be used to keep them away from your home?

Mice are often attracted to homes as they search for food, shelter, and warmth. To prevent these unwanted visitors from invading, many people have turned to wintergreen oil as a natural alternative to chemical mouse repellents. Recent research from the Board Of Pesticides in Maine indicates that this essential oil does have some properties that make it a repellent, but, let’s take a closer look at how it can be used and its effectiveness compared to other natural methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wintergreen oil is a natural repellent with properties that effectively repel mice
  • Prevent mice from entering your home by strategically using wintergreen oil
  • Peppermint mouthwash, other mint essential oils, and natural alternatives can also work effectively against mice

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Properties of Wintergreen Oil

Main Constituents

Wintergreen oil is extracted from the wintergreen plant and contains methyl salicylate as its main constituent. Additionally, studies discovered other compounds like linalool, phenol, vetispirane, and ethyl salicylate are present in the oil.

Much like the scent of peppermint oil, wintergreen oil acts a great repellent against mice since its strong aroma overwhelms a mouse’s senses!

Common Uses As A Repellent Against Mice

Here are a few ways to use this wonderful essential oil for mouse prevention:

But before you read on – make sure to grab a Wintergreen Essential Oil like this one by Green Health!

  • Create a repellent solution: Dilute wintergreen oil with water in a 5:1 ratio (5 parts water to 1 part oil). The solution can be placed in a spray bottle and used to spray areas where mice might enter your home.

  • Place cotton balls soaked in the diluted solution near entry points or where you have noticed mouse activity.

  • Add wintergreen oil to homemade peppermint mouthwash, which is believed to repel mice effectively. The strong scent of both the peppermint and wintergreen oils makes it hard for mice to enter your home.

To prevent mice from being attracted to your home, maintain a clean environment by eliminating sources of food and clutter that might provide nesting material. Additionally, seal any cracks or holes in your home’s structure to deny access to the rodents.

I know firsthand how frustrating an unwanted rodent guest can be, but with the help of mother nature and wintergreen oil, you’ll have a fighting chance at keeping mice at bay and your home rodent-free!

Remember, it’s important to examine your specific situation and use wintergreen oil in a manner that works best for you!

Why Mice Hate Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil is a mice’s worst nightmare, and I’ll tell you why! Mice are initially attracted to homes because of food, warmth, and shelter. But one whiff of wintergreen oil, and they’ll think twice about crashing your cozy abode! Mentha piperita, the scientific name for wintergreen oil, contains strong, natural compounds that repel mice effectively.

Mice have a very sensitive sense of smell, and the aromatic compounds found in wintergreen oil are simply overwhelming for them. When mice encounter this potent oil, their olfactory receptors become irritated, and they’re forced to look for a more welcoming property.

Now, before going further, you’ll have the same or perhaps increase effectiveness by using peppermint oil as a mouse repellent, instead of wintergreen to repel mice! You can check out our article on making a peppermint oil mouse repellent above!

How To Use Wintergreen Oil To Repel Mice

wintergreen oil

Oh, mice! Aren’t they just a real pain in the squeak? If you’re like me and looking to use natural methods to repel these pesky invaders, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s scurry along and discuss the magic of wintergreen oil, shall we?

As a nature and wildlife specialist, I have found wintergreen oil to be quite effective at keeping mice away. But before we get into specific methods, let’s have a tiny little science moment. You see, wintergreen oil contains the compound methyl salicylate, which has a strong scent that’s unappealing to rodents. In fact, did you know peppermint mouthwash works in a similar way? It’s not just freshening your breath but also keeping those whiskered invaders at bay!

Now, let’s look at 5 ways to use wintergreen oil to repel mice:

MethodHow to UseWhy it Works
1Spray it aroundMice dislike the scent, so spraying it around deters them
2Soak cotton ballsPlacing soaked cotton balls in problem areas repels them
3Dilute it with waterCreate a milder solution for larger areas
4Diffuse ItGrab a diffuser, and diffuse the oil in a mouse-prone space!
5Plant wintergreen plantsNaturally keep mice away by growing plants around your home

Always remember, consistency is key! Make sure to periodically check the strength of the oil’s scent and reapply as needed.

Now, let’s squeak about prevention. We all know that mice are attracted to food. So, it’s important to keep your home clean and store food properly. Additionally, seal any entry points like cracks and crevices to keep your home uninviting to these tiny trespassers.

As someone who has dealt with mice, believe me when I say that using wintergreen oil can be a real game-changer. These methods not only help repel mice but also provide a pleasant, natural scent throughout your home!

Where To Apply Wintergreen Oil

You can really use wintergreen oil almost anywhere! Check out this list of mice-prone areas, to start!

LocationHow to UseProsCons
CarSoak cotton balls in wintergreen oil and place them in the car, such as under the seats or in the trunk.Natural and non-toxic, pleasant scent for humansMay need to be reapplied frequently, may not be effective for severe infestations
RVSoak cotton balls in wintergreen oil and place them throughout the RV, such as in cabinets or under the bed.Natural and non-toxic, pleasant scent for humansMay need to be reapplied frequently, may not be effective for severe infestations
GarageSoak cotton balls in wintergreen oil and place them in corners of your garage, and near windows or doors!Natural and non-toxic, pleasant scent for humansMay need to be reapplied frequently, may not be effective for severe infestations
ShedSoak cotton balls in wintergreen oil and place them in the shed, such as in corners or near entry points.Natural and non-toxic, pleasant scent for humansMay need to be reapplied frequently, may not be effective for severe infestations

Effectiveness Against Mice

A funny thing about mice is that they’re like us humans when it comes to strong smells. Just as we might turn up our noses at an overpowering scent, they too are repelled by certain odors like wintergreen oil. In fact, some anecdotes from fellow nature and wildlife enthusiasts claim that using wintergreen oil as a mouse repellent made them feel like they were running a very minty-smelling eviction campaign against these invaders, ha-ha!mice! The strong aroma is often enough to send them scurrying in the other direction.

Keeping mice away can be tricky. They’re crafty creatures and are drawn to our homes for many reasons, such as warmth, shelter, and, of course, food. Just think about it! The mouse wants the same things as we do! So, it is important to keep your living space clean and organized to reduce the risk of attracting rodents in the first place. Be vigilant, and take proactive steps such as sealing off any holes or cracks in your house.

Wintergreen Vs. Other Mint Essential Oils

Oh mint heavens, have you heard about the battle of the mints? As a nature and wildlife specialist, let me share with you some fascinating facts about wintergreen oil and its fellow mint essential oils like spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus. These oils are all known for their refreshing scent and potential benefits in keeping mice away.

Wintergreen oil, like its fellow mint essential oils, has a strong, minty scent that rodents, particularly mice, find unappealing. To keep mice at bay with wintergreen oil, place a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and strategically locate it in areas where mice might be hiding. Change the cotton ball every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain its effectiveness!

One funny thing about mice is that they hate the taste of peppermint mouthwash. They find the strong, minty flavor extremely repulsive and do their best to avoid it. In fact, using peppermint mouthwash-soaked cotton balls might be another strategy to keep the mice away from your home.

As a result of my research, let me present to you a nifty table comparing these mint oils in terms of their characteristics and effectiveness:

Mint Essential OilScentEffect on Mice
WintergreenStrong, mintyRepellant
SpearmintSweet, mintyRepellant
PeppermintMenthol, mintyRepellant
EucalyptusRefreshing, mintyRepellant

Based on the comparison, all these mint oils are effective in repelling mice due to their strong, unappealing scents. Just remember to always reapply these oils every few weeks and implement preventative measures to keep those little critters away from your home!

Alternatives for Mice Control

repelling mice

As someone who’s dealt with pesky mice, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding natural methods to repel them. Wintergreen oil might be an option you’ve considered, so let’s discuss it and consider some alternatives to keeping your home mouse-free!

One of our favorite alternatives is using peppermint oil, or peppermint scented products, after you dive in to our list below, make sure to check our our article about the best peppermint products to repel mice!

Other Essential Oils

Believe it or not, peppermint oil is a fantastic alternative to wintergreen oil for repelling mice naturally! Mice detest its strong scent and peppermint mouthwash, when mixed with a bit of water, can create an effective repellent spray.

Spray the mixture in areas where you’ve spotted mice, like entryways or common hiding places. You’ll notice a significant difference! And, as an added bonus, your home will smell fresh and minty – bonus points in my book!

Another powerful essential oil to consider is lemongrass oil, which has a powerful scent that mice dislike. This oil can ward off those little critters while keeping your home smelling great!

Household Items That Will Repel Mice

Steel wool—Yes, you read that right! Steel wool can be used as a barrier to prevent mice from sneaking into your home. Mice can’t chew through it, making it the perfect material to stuff into gaps and holes they might use as entry points.

Did you know that a spicy solution can also be a great mouse deterrent? Spraying a mixture of water and hot pepper flakes or hot sauce in areas where you’ve seen mice can be an effective way to keep them at bay. Just be cautious while preparing this solution because you don’t want to inhale the spice mix – trust me!

Here are some other methods for keeping mice away:

  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Keep trash bins tightly sealed
  • Regularly clean up crumbs and spills

Preventing mice doesn’t always require fancy products or professional help. Simple changes and natural remedies can help protect your home and ensure you can live mouse-free. And as an enthusiast of natural methods, I can’t think of anything better than that!


Wintergreen oil, a natural solution to repel mice, might be your ally against these uninvited guests! As someone who prefers natural methods, let me share some tips:

You can use wintergreen oil in several ways to prevent mice from invading your space! Here are some proven effective measures!

  • Cotton balls: Soak cotton balls in wintergreen oil and place them in areas frequented by mice.
  • Spray: Mix a few drops of wintergreen oil with water in a spray bottle. Spritz it around your home for a mouse-free environment!

Preventing mice entry is essential. To keep mice away from your home, follow these steps:

  1. Seal any openings: Mice can sneak through small gaps! Inspect your home for cracks and seal them up.
  2. Keep your house clean: A messy home is a haven for mice. Regular cleaning will discourage mice from settling in.

Mice are attracted to your home, especially when it’s getting colder outside. They love food and shelter; provide none, and they might leave you alone!

Remember, prevention is best, so take action before any mice become an issue. Your natural choice, wintergreen oil, might be the hero you need in this battle. So, equip yourself, defend your home, and send the mice packing!

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