4 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Garages

mouse hiding on shelf in corner of shed

Dealing with mice infestations in garages can be a concerning and daunting task. The presence of these unwelcome guests poses risks to both your property and health, and it’s important to find effective ways to eliminate them. In this article, we will discuss various approaches, methods, and helpful tips to get rid of mice in garages and maintain a pest-free environment.

Mice are known to seek refuge in garages for various reasons, including seeking shelter, warmth, and food. Understanding why these pesky rodents choose garages as their homes will help you take the necessary precautions and preventive measures to discourage them from moving in. While it may be tempting to resort to harmful chemicals or inhumane solutions to tackle this problem, it’s important to consider more humane and natural alternatives that will effectively evict these unwanted guests without causing unnecessary harm.

Aside from identifying the reasons that attract mice to your garage, you need to learn to recognize the warning signs of an infestation. Once you understand the behaviors of mice and the patterns they leave behind, you can apply proper measures to eliminate them and prevent future invasions. Our article will guide you through a multitude of methods, including DIY solutions and professional pest control options, to develop a comprehensive plan for maintaining a mouse-free garage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why mice choose garages as their homes to better prevent infestations
  • Recognize the warning signs of mice infestations and apply effective measures to eliminate them
  • Discover various DIY and professional solutions to keep your garage mouse-free

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Recognizing Signs of a Mice Infestation in Your Garage

When dealing with mice in your garage, it’s vital to recognize the signs of an infestation. Keep an eye out for these common indicators to ensure that you tackle the issue promptly!

Droppings: One of the most apparent signs of a mice infestation is the presence of droppings. These small, dark pellets can be found scattered around your garage, particularly near food sources or hiding spots. The University of Nebraska notes that mouse droppings are usually 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. Larger droppings are likely from rats or other rodents.

Unusual odors: Pay attention to any unusual odors in your garage. Mice have a distinct scent, usually described as musty or urine-like, which can become more prominent if there’s a large infestation.

Scampering noises: Listen for the faint sound of mice scampering around, especially during the night. Their movements can create squeaking, rustling, or scratching noises. These feisty fur balls can put on quite a show when they’re busy at work!

Rub marks: Mice often leave greasy rub marks on surfaces they frequently traverse. Look for smudge-like marks along walls, baseboards, and any other paths they may commonly use.

Tracks: Keep an eye out for tiny footprints, gnaw marks, or tail prints in dusty areas of your garage. These can be clear signs that mice have been making themselves at home.

Nesting materials: Mice build their cozy nests from various materials like shredded paper, fabric, or insulation. If you find any of these materials scattered or bunched up in odd spots, it’s a sign that mice have made a comfy living space in your garage.

Chewed holes: Mice are known to chew holes in soft materials or even gnaw on hard surfaces like plastic or wood. If you see chewed holes in items stored in your garage or even on the walls themselves, it’s a clear indication of mice infestation.

Now that you’re aware of the signs of mice in your garage, it’s crucial to work on keeping them out. Remember that mice often seek shelter in garages due to the availability of food, water, and ideal nesting spots. By cleaning and sealing your garage, you can deter these furry intruders and maintain a mice-free environment.

Understanding Why Mice Choose To Live In Garages

mouse going through your food and likely leaving droppings behind

Garages are an attractive place for mice to seek shelter and make their nests. One reason is that garages often provide easy access to the great indoors, especially if they are cluttered with boxes, cardboard, and firewood. These materials can make a cozy environment for mice, while providing places to hide from potential predators.

Think about it: mice are small mammals, and they need warmth and safety to survive. Garages can offer a perfect spot for them to find shelter. Your car, for example, might seem like a nice and fluffy bed to a mouse. Furthermore, garages often store trash cans and other items that may serve as a steady food supply for these unwanted guests.

Garages provide mice with shelter, food supply, and protection from predators. Knowing why they choose garages as their home is essential for understanding how to get rid of them. Implementing strategies to reduce mice attractants in your garage can help you maintain a mouse-free space and protect your belongings from damage.

Initial Measures to Control Mouse Infestation

To minimize mice problems in your garage, there are some initial measures you can follow.

Firstly, reduce the food availability for mice by storing food items, such as birdseed and pet food, in sealed containers. This way, you eliminate the main attraction that draws them into your garage. Also ensure that trash can lids are secured so mice can’t forage in them for food.

Secondly, maintaining a clutter-free environment is crucial as it eliminates nesting spots for mice. Declutter your garage regularly by organizing items in storage bins or shelves. Eliminating their hiding places makes it less appealing for them to seek refuge in your garage.

Now, let’s discuss some top methods to prevent a mouse infestation in your garage:

  1. Seal up gaps and holes – Check for any small holes or openings in your garage walls, ceilings, and floorboards. Fill these gaps with steel wool or caulk, and use hardware cloth or metal sheets for larger holes. This prevents the mice from entering in the first place.
  2. Keep the garage door closed – Make sure to close your garage door whenever it’s not in use because an open door is like inviting mice inside.
  3. Install door sweeps – Adding door sweeps or weather stripping to your garage door can help prevent mice from squeezing through small gaps underneath.
  4. Regular inspection and cleaning – Regularly inspect and clean your garage to spot any mouse activity early on and take necessary actions. This also allows you to identify gaps and holes that might let rodents in.

By taking these preventive steps, you can keep your garage free from pesky mice infestations and protect your belongings from damage.

Effective DIY Methods to Get Rid of Mice

Mouse caught in a live catch trap

Your garage can be a haven for mice, seeking shelter and food. But don’t worry, there are many effective DIY methods to help you in your battle against these unwanted guests! If you already have mice, here are some methods you can use to get rid of them:

PeppermintDrizzle some peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place them in strategic areas around your garage. We recommend Majestic Pure 100% Peppermint Essential Oil.
Essential oilsCreate a mice repellent spray by mixing a few drops of either eucalyptus or lavender oil with water and spray it around your garage’s perimeter.
Live trapsThese devices allow you to catch mice without causing them harm, allowing you to release them in a distant area afterward.
Other mice repellentsDIY mice repellent sprays made from natural ingredients like vinegar and water are an eco-friendly option. Just mix vinegar and hot water together in a spray bottle and apply the mixture around your garage.

By employing these methods, you should be able to successfully tackle your garage’s mouse problem. Remember, early detection is key, so stay vigilant for signs of mice activity and tackle the issue head-on!

Professional Pest Control Solutions

Sometimes, dealing with mice in your garage calls for the help of professionals. Calling an exterminator or opting for pest control services can be an effective and time-saving solution. Let’s explore some ways professionals tackle this problem.

Exterminators have various means of tackling mouse infestations. One approach is using bait stations designed specifically for mice. These stations lure mice in with food and ultimately trap them. A pest control expert will strategically place these stations around your garage, ensuring the mice are drawn away from your property.

Another method professionals rely on is using chemical repellents. These repellents irritate mice and deter them from entering your garage. Rest assured, pest control experts are well-versed in handling these chemicals with care, so you don’t have to worry about their effects on you or your garage.

Pest control professionals will also be able to help determine why mice are attracted to your garage and how they are getting in. They can provide you with suggestions for making your garage less appealing and sealing up any entry points to prevent future infestations.

When faced with mice in your garage, professional exterminators and pest control solutions provide an effective and efficient means of addressing the problem. If you’re looking for a pest control pro near you, check out our pest control locator tool to find help near you!


Dealing with mice in your garage can be a bothersome and frustrating experience. However, with the right solutions, you can successfully keep these pesky rodents at bay.

The primary reason mice are attracted to your garage is because it often provides a warm, sheltered space with an abundance of food sources and hiding spots. By understanding why they invade your garage, you can implement preventive measures and targeted strategies to repel them.

  1. Seal all entry points: Mice can squeeze through the tiniest openings, so be sure to seal any cracks, holes, or gaps in your garage. Use materials like steel wool and caulk to prevent mice from entering.
  2. Keep your garage clean: A cluttered space provides mice with more hiding places. Regularly cleaning and organizing your garage can deter them from making themselves at home.
  3. Store food securely: If you store food in your garage, keep it in airtight containers, so it’s not easily accessible to mice.
  4. Use natural repellents: There are various natural ingredients that can repel mice, such as peppermint oil, cloves, and hot pepper flakes. Placing these items strategically around your garage can help keep mice away.
  5. Traps: Snap traps and catch-and-release traps can be useful for eliminating mice that have already made their way into your garage.
  6. Garbage control: Keep garbage cans tightly sealed and stored away from your garage, as they can attract mice searching for food sources.

By implementing these tips and strategies, you can maintain a mouse-free garage that is safe for you and your family. While dealing with mice might be an unpleasant task, it is crucial to address the issue before it escalates into a larger infestation. With due diligence and persistence, you can successfully get rid of mice in your garage and prevent them from returning.

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